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New Feature: Custom End Times!

We’re happy to announce that you can now specify what time during the day you want your raffle to end. Running a morning drawing? Now you can end earliy in the day to prepare for the event. Or maybe you want your raffle to end right at the stroke of midnight on your drawing date to eek out as much fundraising as you can.

Now you have the flexibility to...

Picking Tickets

One of the most painful points of running a raffle is the drawing and all the tickets that come with it. Either you’ve got to pay heaps of cash to a printing service, or you’ve got to print them out yourself, and cut each one individually, and that’s a painstaking process. Trust us, we’ve been there many times.

Well, today we’re happy to announce a brand-new integration that solves this...

Fixing Drawing Dates

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just rolled out a new update. Hopefully, it should clear up any confusion in behavior about how raffle drawings work.

With the new update, your raffle will end at 12:00AM on your raffle’s drawing date., first thing in the morning. Previously, Raffle Creator would end your raffle at 12:00PM. This made it hard to run the raffle drawing on the drawing date, because you...

Introducing Raffle Widgets

Today I’m glad to announce an new feature that will help you integrate your raffle page into your existing websites: raffle widgets.

Take a look:

You can embed these badges into your own site with just a couple lines of code. They’ll work with Wordpress, Tumblr, and just about any other system you can think of.

These badges are a great way of taking advantage of your...

How To Sell Raffle Tickets Online

Here’s the reality of selling raffle tickets online for yourself. Want to jump to to good news?

The internet has been around for over a decade now, and in these past ten years, its stabilized and matured into vibrant ecosystem. Everyday, millions of people check Twitter and Facebook and casually browse the web. The web isn’t a strange, unknown place anymore: its everyone’s daily destination for news and entertainment....

Get Started

Hi there and welcome to the Raffle Creator Blog. We made Raffle Creator because we think that too many non-profits are ignoring the internet. And the ones that to give it any attention treat is as an after thought.

We believe that the Internet should be the first place that someone trying to raise money goes. As the world goes online, so will fundraising. We want to help you be...