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From the Artist:

"As a mixed media artist, I’ve always found unconventional materials to be most important in my exploration of the visual world, whether that be through the use of gunpowder, organic material or most recently, the discarded remnants of music consumerism."

Over the last five years I have created almost exclusively with damaged vinyl, CD’s and audio tape as my primary material. In deconstructing and weaving together these casualties of the digital streaming age, my goal as an artist has been to create tactile visual experiences that connect the viewer with their musical memories while also creating an alternative purpose and bringing awareness to “plastics” contaminating our environment.

 I do hope you all join me in celebrating the "art" in's been a long time goal of mine to set up a grassroots non-profit where artist take the initiative to support each other in times of struggle.  We as artist give so freely of our talents to organizations and causes we are passionate about and in today's world, I'm passionate and concerned for those artist who hustle 24/7 and who find themselves unable to access and or qualify for the funds available...this is my mission.

Please support this project ...I'm excited for the possibilities- from the heart, Lori
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The Prize

  • While My Guitar...

    "While My Guitar..."
    Mixed Media: Up-cycled Vinyl Records and CD's
    Retail Market value: 12,000.00
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