Red River Marine of Cenla Boat Giveaway

· Entries close Oct 31, 2019 at 4:00PM ·

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Red River Marine of Cenla, has a 3 month raffle starting today, August 1, 2019. We are having a 3 month, choice of boat out of 3 boats, raffle!

Disclaimer: must reach reserve amount to giveaway boat, if reserve amount is not met the winner will win a large prize according to amount of tickets sold. 

The Prize

  • Choice of boat

    Option 1
    Wareagle Gladiator 
    Duck boat with 40hp Gatortail
    With trailer 

    Option 2
    16ft fishing boat with 60hp engine
    With trailer 

    Option 3
    16ft Bentley pontoon F&C with a 50hp outboard 
    With trailer